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Rotating Grinder Crimping Tool For Single/Double End Sleeves 0.25 – 16mm² and 2X 0.25 – 2X 10mm²

100 65 028 LABELSRE 1
100 65 028RE 1


SKU: 100-65-028

Product Description

Crimp tool with ratchet mechnism for single end sleeves 0.25 - 16mm² and double end sleeves 2X 0.25 - 2X 10mm².

Absolute and confident pressing Guaranteed Electrical Installations!!

Type matirx Weight
Special 6 die 0.4 190 0.25-16
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Technical specifications


Hex crimping matrix:

Special hex Matrix that crimps the copper barrel of the end-sleeve in Hexagonal shape ensuring top professional connection and retention on the cable.

Ratchet mechanism:

Special mechanism with ratchet and spring for controlling the pressure on the terminal without requiring muscular force with excellent precision on
the crimping.

Ergonomic pressure handles:

Excellent Ergonomic handles with designed Angle Pressure that allows use with ONLY 1 hand!


Tool usage


Suitable for End sleeves:

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