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Αdjustable hole cutter Ø 40 – 205mm

100 65 012 LABELSRE 1
100 65 012RE


SKU: 100-65-012

Product Description

Adjustable polycarbonate hole cutter for cutting into surfaces (veneer, wood, plywood, plasterboard, plastic, plexiglass). Cut up to diameter 4.6 - 7.9mm.

Description Weight
Cut diameter
Cut depth
Adjustable hole cutter 1.3 40-205 3-50
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Technical specifications


Debossed ruler:

Clear 205mm ruler with terminals on the edges to prevent the blades from slipping.

Polycarbonate clear shield:

High-clarity polycarbonate collector for debris and shavings of building materials.

HSS twin blade (High grade stainless steel):

High heat treatment blades, durable for most cutting surfaces.

Silicone rim:

For stabilization and sealing of the collector. Absorbs the vibrations produced during cutting.

Ball bearing insert:

High-strength bearings for unobstructed, smooth rotation of the glass drill even at high speeds.

Bore properties


Materials – Surfaces

veneer, wood, plywood, plasterboard, plastic, plexiglass.


Ø diameter Holes:

Ø40-49mm, Ø50-69mm, Ø70-89mm, Ø90-119mm, Ø120-152mm


Power-Drill Speed:

800 r.p.m, 600 r.p.m, 400 r.p.m, 200 r.p.m, 100 r.p.m.


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